What is trending in living room curtains?

The current trends of living room curtains are both stylish and modest. Living rooms are most commonly decorated with white, olive, or coffee shades. For rooms with green walls, light blues and greens are ideal. The second and third most popular colors for curtains are dark greys or blacks. Grey and navy blue are the

Pantry love

Organizing Your kitchen Pantry and Drawers So I’ve decided to postpone the master suite reveal until tomorrow so that I can follow up our kitchen tour yesterday with a “behind the scenes” look at our kitchen pantry and drawers. Until recently, I had never had a pantry. In our first apartment, I had one small

Real Food Rules!

Why REAL Food Is What You NEED To Be Eating! Have you ever found yourself playing a game that you don’t the know rules for? Example: My family is big on board/card/domino games… as in we can’t go more than 15 minutes into a family gathering without some competitive mention of the impending chicken leg

Why We Choose REAL Food!

What is “REAL Food?” “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Those three small statements are how Michael Pollan chose to begin his ‘eater’s manifesto’ known as “In Defense of Food.” It seems so simple. And yet for the past 70-80 years or so, Western culture has taught us the exact opposite. Now, instead of