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Real Food Rules!

Why REAL Food Is What You NEED To Be Eating! Have you ever found yourself playing a game that you don’t the know rules for? Example: My family is big on board/card/domino games… as in we can’t go more than 15 minutes into a family gathering without some competitive mention of the impending chicken leg

Why We Choose REAL Food!

What is “REAL Food?” “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Those three small statements are how Michael Pollan chose to begin his ‘eater’s manifesto’ known as “In Defense of Food.” It seems so simple. And yet for the past 70-80 years or so, Western culture has taught us the exact opposite. Now, instead of

Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Bisque Recipe

“Sick Day” Soup: Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Bisque Recipe When it’s cold outside and you’ve got a sick husband at home – sometimes what you really need is some good old fashioned, warms-your-soul soup. …and when your standard chicken noodle just won’t cut it, my advice is to reach for the most delicious, seasonal

Feta & Chorizo Mac N’ Cheese

Feta & Chorizo Mac N’ Cheese Recipe *I’ve been guest posting it up this week – and have to say that the recipe I created for this post might quite possibly be the new family favorite. Make sure to check out the full post at MAM! I have a confession to make. Before my real

Thai Curry & Kale Lettuce Wraps

Thai Curry & Kale Lettuce Wraps Don’t you just love it when a “thrown together” dinner turns into a family fave? Last night, I experienced such love & luck. Enter: Thai Curry & Kale Lettuce Wraps. These aren’t your local Asian diner’s lettuce wraps. They’re much, much better… and better for you too! It all started