My 5 Favorite Natural Cold/Flu Remedies

Natural Cold – Flu Remedies That Your Doctor Won’t Prescribe!

If you looked around my house right now, you’d see a pile of tissues on my ottoman tray, a fridge full of homemade chicken noodle soup (courtesy of my sweet friend Laurie), and a half empty box of Breathe-Right nasal strips. Yep, I’ve officially been bitten by the cold/sinus bug…

And, as my eggo is preggo, I’m keeping my treatment of said sinus bug completely au naturale (though I try to do that anyways).

This is when I thank my lucky stars I’m living in the days of google and natural living blogs… because instead of having to drag my sick butt out of bed and to the library to search for some ancient herbal remedies text; I was able to compile a large list of natural cold remedies from the comfort of my couch 🙂

Want to have a peek at my favorites from this list (which just so happen to have been my saving grace these last few days?)

Well you are in luck, my friends, because even as my sinuses drain into the back of throat and make me nauseous, I am typing this out to share with you 🙂

My 5 Favorite Natural Cold/Flu Remedies

Honey and Cinnamon Syrup: Added to a little bit of herbal tea when I can’t quite stomach it plain, this little mixture soothes my aching throat, while its anti-viral properties combat whatever nasty bug is ailing me.

Thyme: Add some chopped thyme to a pot of steaming water and carefully place your face over the pot (be careful not to burn yourself) and breathe deeply. This gentle steam will help open your sinus passages, while the thyme soothes an itchy throat.

Make your own Saline: Whether you use it in a neti pot, or simply gargle it (such a funny word!), a homemade warm salt water solution can be the perfect way to gently cleanse your sinuses and throat of the congestive build-up that cold/flu season often brings.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil: I know, I know. The stuff tastes awful. But the fact that it’s loaded with omega 3s and vitamins A & D ought to give you some motivation to choke the stuff down. Your immune system will thank you 🙂

Eat Real Food: If there’s one time your body needs real, nourishing food more than anything, it’s while you are sick. So ditch the milkshakes, and reach for some nourishing comfort foods like my favorite “sick-day soup.”