Thai Curry & Kale Lettuce Wraps

Thai Curry & Kale Lettuce Wraps

Don’t you just love it when a “thrown together” dinner turns into a family fave? Last night, I experienced such love & luck. Enter: Thai Curry & Kale Lettuce Wraps.

These aren’t your local Asian diner’s lettuce wraps. They’re much, much better… and better for you too!

It all started with some not-so-fun technical problems on this here blog that left me frazzled and with a very late arrival home upon which to start dinner. Fortunately, my dear mother taught me years ago a technique I like to call “dump cooking.”

Oh, you’ve never heard of it?

Basically it’s the process of looking in the fridge, grabbing what looks edible, and dumping it into a pot/skillet or other kitchen device of your choice. (For those of you that are terrified by this idea: use this recipe as a your first baby step to trying… I promise, it’s not as scary as it seems. You will succeed!)

I will take you step by step – which will add up to about 10 minutes of prep/cooking time.

Just think, you are only a few short minutes away from a gorgeous plate of fresh kale and thai “fillin’s” – ready to devour in front of you!

Ingredient list:

  • Onion, about 1/2 – 1 whole (your preference)
  • Fresh Veggies (Whatever you have on hand; I used carrots, bell pepper, and cabbage).
  • Chicken, cooked, shredded or coarsely chopped (I used some rotisserie chicken we had in the fridge – you can also buy raw, pastured chicken and cook it yourself by sauteing, roasting, baking, etc. Again, your preference!)
  • Eggs, 2 (try to use pastured if possible – these have a much higher nutrient content!)
  • Sauces/Flavors  (anything that suits your taste buds; I used rice wine vinegar, some red curry, and garlic).
  • Coconut Oil (a couple tablespoons)
  • Several large leaves (per person) of freshly washed Kale (make sure it is nice and crisp!)

Start by chopping some onions…

chopping onions

You can slice, chop, dice, or mince… your call! (Baby steps, remember?)

Toss your onions into a cast-iron skillet (my personal favorite kitchen tool!) with a few tablespoons of coconut oil and let saute over low-medium heat.

While the onions saute, go ahead and prepare your other veggies (you can really use anything here – but what I used is bell pepper, cabbage, and carrots.) I went for a coarse chop for the bell pepper and cabbage, and then grated my carrots with my trusty microplane. I really liked how the finely grated carrots helped to “meld” the filling mixture together – plus the carrots cooked so much quicker that way!

Go ahead and toss all veggies now into your skillet and saute with the onions.

cooking thai curry

I love my Microplane :) …oh, and in the background you can see a lovely little pan of sugar water simmering to make my next batch of water kefir (a.k.a. healthy, homemade soda!)

thai curry closeup

Almost done!

Now “scooch” your veggies over to the side and crack your eggs directly into the skillet. Allow to cook for several minutes, then use your spatula to “break them up” and toss them throughout your filling mixture.

All you have left to do now is add in your chicken and choice of sauces/spices, and stir to coat.

The trick for seasoning and flavoring here is to start small. 


You can always add more seasoning, but you can’t take it away.


I started with about a teaspoon of red curry and garlic each, and a small splash (probably about 1/4 cup) of the rice wine vinegar. I then tasted, and decided to add in another teaspoon each of curry and garlic.

Also, don’t be afraid to try other flavors here – lime juice, cilantro, crushed peanuts or plum juice (and many others!) would all be wonderful flavor options!

Last, but not least, grab a few fresh Kale leaves (wash if you haven’t already done so!) and place them on a plate.

fresh kale leaves

I think this is my new favorite way to eat Kale!

Then spoon some of your filling into the center of the leaf (almost like a taco) and Voila: Thai Curry & Kale Lettuce Wraps!


Congratulations: you have just made a delicious, 10-minute meal that is chalk full of nourishing nutrients like lauric acid (from the coconut oil), magnesium (from the kale-great for morning sickness, preggo ladies!), high quality protein (from  the eggs and chicken), and much more! And it’s grain and dairy free, paleo and GAPS friendly!

kale wrap


Delish :) …and that is my strawberry water kefir peaking in the background. Kefir photo bombs on this post galore!



…and you didn’t even have to follow an “exact” recipe! I’m so proud :)